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Match a Custom Concrete Driveway to Your House and Hardscaping

Concrete is one of the most customizable materials. So many different techniques are available to color and texturize the surface of a concrete slab, such as one poured for your driveway. It's even possible to use concrete pavers for an even more customized look.
Concrete is an ideal material for your driveway because it's durable and low maintenance. Find out how to customize your concrete driveway so it complements your house and hardscaping.

Observe the Color Palette

You may paint your house or replace the siding periodically, but it probably doesn't happen very often. Therefore, you can use the façade color palette to help drive decisions for your custom driveway.
Concrete can be colored with stains or dyes. Stains offer the subtler appearance. The chemicals interact with those in the concrete, and the result offers gradients of color. Dyes penetrate the surface of the concrete without reacting with the chemicals. Dyed concrete comes in more vibrant and more varied coloration.
Use the house's façade as inspiration. For example, you could have the body of the driveway stained a similar color as the siding. Contractors could use an accent color from the house for the driveway border — the Concrete Network describes a project with perfectly matching border and trim colors.  Conversely, both can be muted versions from the house's façade.
On the other hand, you could use the driveway to complement the house's coloration. For instance, say your house is cool toned. You could have the contractors brighten up the concrete with a stain or dye featuring warm undertones.

Repeat Materials

Another way to match or complement the house's façade is by repeating — in reality, mimicking — materials used in construction. Concrete can be stamped and either dyed or stained so it resembles flagstone, cobblestone, brick and other materials. An attractive effect is bordering the body of the driveway with a replica of a material found in the house's façade.
It's also possible to use this strategy with hardscaping in your front yard. For instance, you could match your driveway’s border to the material used for a retaining wall, fence or walkway. You can also use this technique to create squares or rectangles in the body of the driveway that complement your home’s hardscaping.

Look for Repeating Shapes

In that vein, look for repeating shapes in your house and yard. These shapes could be the windows, doors, hardscaping or even landscaping. You can repeat these shapes in your driveway in a couple different ways.
For instance, you'll notice a lot of rectangles in your house. You could choose one of the interlocking patterns, such as random interlocking cobble or slate. Even if you don't have such a material in your house, the repeating rectangles of the pattern would match the rectangles in your house.
If you have a modern house, consider being even more deliberate. For instance, you could choose concrete pavers in big, bold rectangles. You could let the grass grow between or fill the gaps with a complementary color. Conversely, you could have geometric inlays embedded in your poured concrete slab.

Adhere to the Design Style

When you're planning your customized driveway, consider also the design style of your home. Some driveway and house styles simply go together.
For instance, a modern home calls for clean lines and an adherence to geometry since those are hallmarks of the style. Indeed, to give your driveway an industrial feel, you may even choose to keep the concrete in its natural color.
Contemporary homes offer a lot of customization options. You might consider an exposed aggregate, which also provides a slip-resistant surface when wet. You could also get creative with some of the bolder colors concrete dyes provide.
Traditional and historical homes often call for traditional materials choices. Here's where you can have your concrete slab stamped and dyed to resemble brick or natural stone. It's also possible to get the same effect with a concrete overlay.
Dyeing, staining, stamping and seeding aggregate are some of the ways you can customize your driveway to match your house. When you're ready for your custom concrete driveway, visit the experts at Black Jack Asphalt and Concrete.
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