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Add Curb Appeal to Your Driveway and Walkways by Improving Your Drainage

Among the biggest aspects of most front yards—and some of the first things seen—are the driveway and walkways. These hardscape features can either frame your yard to its benefit or to its detriment.
How can you ensure that both driveways and pathways are a positive in your yard? Here is one way to add curb appeal by improving drainage on any budget:
Large swaths of hardscaping can sometimes wreak havoc with runoff from rain and snow. In addition to possibly causing pooling water in unsightly areas, this may also add to debris messing up your style.
If you suffer from any puddling problems, try adding a strip of greenery to "filter" the water and help it soak back into the ground. Add a filtering strip of grass or ground cover plants to solve minor water runoff issues. For larger problems, you may want to replace impermeable materials (such as some concrete) with more permeable hardscaping (like pavers, bricks, or permeable concrete products).
No matter what your budget or schedule is, you can find a way to enhance the look of the entire front yard by updating the biggest features in it. Contact the experts at Black Jack Asphalt and Concrete in Saginaw, Michigan, for a free consultation today!
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