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How to Add to Your Yard's Design With Concrete

Backyard Patio With Concrete Floor

Your yard is much more than a place to put your mower or a space to stash your stuff — it's an extension of your home. From the seemingly small accents to the overall design, your yard is the crowning jewel of the decorating masterpiece that is your home.
Along with greening the garden and choosing furniture that fits your yard's style, adding concrete elements can take your exterior area to the next level. How can you change the shape of your yard using concrete? Take a look at the creative ways that you can use concrete as an architectural and design element.

Raised Flower Beds
Gardening is a physically demanding activity that can cause pain and strain if not done properly. If you have a physical condition that makes bending over or squatting down a challenge, then a raised flower bed is an option that lets you garden with ease.
You can choose from multiple concrete options when creating raised flower beds. A concrete block or brick bed is a simple, yet elegant accent. The beauty of using concrete blocks or bricks is the ability to choose different shapes, colors, patterns and sizes. You can create a raised square or rectangle. You could also opt for a more eclectic design with a hexagon or another more complex shape.
Winding Walls
Low walls snaking through your yard can separate spaces, create zones, or simply add a new aesthetic to your exterior area. Similar to raised garden beds, you can create concrete walls using a variety of different types of blocks and bricks. These include blocks of different sizes, varying shapes, and a range of hues. You can also create visual interest by using different textures or by adding stamped concrete clocks.
Strategically select wall placement regions, choosing areas that make sense. This might include a wall that separates your deck or patio from the grassy area, a wall between garden beds, or a wall that gently curves around the border of your yard.
Fire Feature
Turn a cool summer night into a warm backyard campout with a permanent concrete fire feature. A fire pit can create a cozy atmosphere, add a decorative accent, and offer a fully functional way to keep warm or cook outdoors.
Instead of choosing a flimsy moveable fire pit, a concrete block or stone feature is a sturdy structure that will withstand the test of time. Keep in mind, your fire feature has to withstand the elements. Concrete is a building material that will stand its ground when faced with rain, snow, or anything else that Mother Nature has to offer.
Terraced Garden
Some yards don’t have the features that a traditional garden typically needs. For example, a hillside isn't ideal for most homeowner's gardening needs because it's tricky to mow grass on a hill and planting flowers or other vegetation is almost impossible.
A retaining wall is one way to transform your exterior space and turn a hill into a usable garden area. If you have a sizeable hillside, then a terraced type of garden can create levels for different types of plants, making it easier to garden in your yard.
Terraces can also help irrigation issues, preventing a rush of water from streaming down your hillside. The terraced spaces each provide a step down the hill, stopping the steady stream from a rough rain from entering your patio or interior area.
Patio Pizzazz
Take your outdoor area from a boring place to a standout space with concrete. While smooth concrete can add an understated elegance, other types of concrete such as stamped, colored, or blocks can create a designer look that your guests will notice.
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